About us


BIMEO Ltd. was established through the transformation of the Leather-industry Quality Control Department called “BIMEO” of the Leather and Footwear Industry Research and Development Company (BCK). BIMEI, which can be considered as a predecessor, was founded in 1949 and was attached to the then research institute in 1953. The unit operated as an independent department of BCK as an industry quality-control institute until the end of 1991. After the changes brought by the 1990s, BCK's activities gradually became unsustainable: it waswound up and liquidated. Of the former departments of the institute, only BIMEO was able to cope with the challenges of the new economic management regime.


BIMEO Testing and Research Development Ltd. was founded on February 1, 1992, and the company was officially registered by the decision of the Company Registry Court of Budapest Capital Regional Court on 31 March 1992 under number 01-09-165164. The short name of the company is: BIMEO Ltd.